Migrate DHCP Database To New Windows Server

Exporting the DHCP database from one Windows server to another using the GUI can sometimes be more of a headache than running two simple commands. I’ve had much more luck using the following method:

NOTE: This assumes that you have the DHCP Server Role already installed on your new server

1) Open command prompt as admin on the source server. Issue the following command:

netsh dhcp server export C:\dhcpdatabase.dat all

2) Open the services console and stop the DHCP Server service, and set it to ‘disabled’

3) Copy C:\dhcpdatabase.dat file from the source server to the same location on the new server.

4) On the new server, open a command prompt as admin. Issue the following command:

netsh dhcp server import C:\dhcpdatabase.dat

5) Restart the DHCP Server serivce on the new server and you should be good to go.

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